Gratitude is powerful.

Imagine infusing every drop of water your drink

with the healing power of gratitude.

Feeling grateful is a healing practice;

even the word G R A T I T I D E has been shown

to bring symmetry and beauty to water molecules.

G   R   A   T   I   T   U   D   E

G R A T I T I D E has been engraved onto every glass flask we have made because of its divine energetic vibration.

We have worked hard to engrave this word GR A T I T U D E onto the side of every single one of our D I V I N E Crystal Water Bottles because we believe in the power of being grateful and feeling thankful.

The feeling of gratitude is a powerful human emotion that has profoundly positive energy. The energy of gratitude can heal, make you feel happy, and has been proven to bring symmetry, beauty and balance to cells.

Gratitude is a feeling, a thought, an emotion: it is energy in motion. We can generate the experience of gratitude in our minds and bodies simply by thinking and feeling grateful.


GR A T I T U D E is an energy that has a positive, balancing vibration for human beings. It is said, that a practice of purposefully generating gratefulness is one of most healing practices possible.
Gratitude is so powerful that even the written word has been shown to positively energy every molecule of water around it.

The Japanese scientist, Dr Masuro Emoto, discovered how the powerful vibration of gratitude is infused into water. He documented this in his book, 'The Hidden Messages in Water'. In his experiments, Dr Emoto photographed frozen water molecules under a microscope. He found that each and every single drop of water is unique, and also changeable. He discovered how, at a microscopic level, the shape of water is influenced by music, voice, sound, words and even intentions.

Watch a Video about this essential water research
By writing a word on a flask of water, the water inside would change, respond and transform. He trialled the words, 'hate', 'jealousy', 'rage, 'love', 'peace', 'hope' and 'gratitude'. The symmetry, beauty and balance of the water, molecule by molecule changed and responded to the intentions of these words.

Seeing the effects of emotions on water crystals, he determined that the most powerful word, that brought the most beauty, balance, symmetry and harmony into the molecular structure fo water, is the word GR A T I T U D E.
We love this! Simply, writing the word  GR A T I T U D E on your bottle of water is enough to infuse the water thats going into your body with balance, beauty and harmony!

We are so pleased to have listened. 
We are so proud to offer you, your  GR A T I T U D E infused water bottle, and to increase the benefits by add the pure and positive vibration of crystals too!