Just like how diamonds are formed by intense pressure on carbon, other crystals are also made under intense pressure by the natural formation in unique environments over millions of years.

Crystals are very special rocks. They are named 'Crystals' because of their microscopic crystalline structure. What makes a crystal a crystal, is its highly ordered, nearly perfect arrangement of atoms, ions, and molecules. Crystals are identified and defined by this microscopically brilliant inner structure that makes them beautiful, powerful and truly magnificent.

Crystal energies are vibrations that have symmetrical and harmonious wavelengths because of the structure of the crystal. This is used for healing, balancing, strengthening and elevating your personal vibration.

Crystals have been used as healing tools for hundreds of years. Crystals affect human bodies and minds. The ancient history of our crystals is pure. Each unique crystalline structure radiates a beautiful and powerful presence.

Be happy knowing that the crystal you choose will work to bring balance, health, and beauty to you from the microscopic level. It is securely placed inside each water bottle to infuse your daily water with positive vibrations.

Enjoy the positive vibrations of your crystal and the infusion of its vibration into your water.